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Feature FAQs

We are a FinTech company offering competitive saving plans that improve the rate of employee retention for companies. Our smart benefit solution will help you keep track of employee savings plans without the hassle of endless admin and paperwork. For employees, ThriftPlan offers financial security and access to a wide range of investment options to help build wealth.
Depending on your company size and integration requirements we are there to support due to the nature of the set up we do not offer a free trial unless otherwise approved through a partnership program.
Any employee that is enrolled by the employer can benefit, Thriftplan does not have any restriction against any nationality, gender, religion, or other socio demographic groups.
Yes, this is possible. From the menu bar, choose the option Reallocate Funds. There you will find the risk types and the recommended option for you which you can change at any time you want.
ThriftPlan is a Workplace Savings Scheme that works with the collective efforts from both Employee and Employer. Individuals are directly contributing out of their salary which means it is up to the employers approval how much the individual can contribute. We do not currently offer an individual saving product.
The Unvested amount is the amount of money that has been promised to you by the company but the company has not yet processed it. Vested amount of money is the money that rightfully belongs to the Employee and which he can withdraw at any time.
Liquidity type refers to the assets that can be sold at a specific time. They don't directly affect the profit/losses.
When the employer makes a contribution, the amount is sent to the bank. The bank allocates the amount to the right fund. Each bank has different policies but normally the application is processed within 5 working days.
Expected yield is the percentage of profits that are expected once the employee invests his money in a portfolio.
The greater the expected yield is related to the risk type, the greater the amount of profits/losses the employee will gain/lose.
The profit will be shown on your dashboard, if you wish to see it in a percentage, just divide the profit shown by the total invested amount.
To calculate the return, you have to go to settings and from there click on the Return Calculator option. Give the information that is asked which includes risk type, employee amount, employer amount and duration. The answer will be displayed.
Companies sign up with ThriftPlan. Any employer working in that specific company will be eligible for signing after complying with the company's guidelines.
ThriftPlan follows the Islamic principles while dealing with investments. Therefore, the whole procedure is Halal.

Support FAQs

We use end to end encryption from each console and two-point verification for any access point. All data is stored on secure servers and protected by state of the industry cyber security protocols.
We can support with integration; however, it does require work for both sides. So, the scope depends on the kind of integration you are looking for, but we have a dedicated team to facilitate it from our side and advise employers, service providers or other parties on what would best meet the needs.
After scheduling a demo with us, we will send you a corporate registration form which will be used for KYC and set up. Our account specialists will set up your account and make the master account available to you. Once that has been activated, you will have a dedicated account with our cash custodian and be ready to enrol your employees and make contributions.
Thriftplan is a solution for employment benefits, we are always looking to expand our network and are working hard to be able to enrol you. Feel free to contact us here with your company name and a contact person for your HR department and we will try to make it possible.
You just have to go to the site and click on the Login button. Choose your role from the list of options and then enter your login credentials.
Once your company has struck a deal with ThriftPlan, signing up does not take a lot of time.
Yes, Through the setting in your portal access
We do, it is a per employee one time charge that we take to set up the whole portal and plan.
through the portal you can manage adding and removing your employees and then they can sign up.
Email notification regarding any profit/losses that are made are sent by the company at the end of each month. This is because every investment incurs profit/losses every minute or every second, so a collective report is sent monthly.
The request for withdrawing money requires your employer’s clearance. Once the company processes the request the amount will be transferred to your account from your employer, depending on their policies.
There are certain limitations when it comes to withdrawing money through ThriftPlan. It also depends on the withdrawal policy that the company has set up which includes all the details such as the allowed withdrawal amount, the time it takes to withdraw money and how frequently it could be withdrawn within a year.
Click on the drop down button beside your profile picture and then go to My Profile. Click on your email address and from there you can change it.
Click on the drop down button beside your profile picture and select My Profile option. Scroll downwards to Update Password and change your password.
Next of Kin information is the details of any of the family members of the employee who he wants to handover his account to in case of the employee's absence.
Yes, it can be changed. Go to the drop down list near the profile picture and select My Detail Information. A menu bar will appear. From there, select Next of Kin Information. From there, you can update the Kin's information.
If something happens to the beneficiary, the amount of money for the employee will be transferred to the kin's account.

Payment FAQs

Thriftplan charges a subscription fee based on the employees enrolled. Please contact our sales team for further information as to individual subscription fees. The Plan is a lot more affordable for companies as meets the eye; please feel free to check out our Cost Calculator to get an estimate based on your company size.
Through a bank transfer or online payment
No, you will have them as a credit where you can assign it to other employee account
When the employee gets terminated, we will only charge for the portion of the month when the employee was still active. The remainder will be credited back to the company.

License FAQs

Yes. We have a CR licence that is issued to us by the Saudi Arabian government.
ANB and Derayah bank are associated with ThriftPlan for all of the company's investments.

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