Become the employer of choice and boost employee retention rates with Thriftplan.

Employer of choice

Helping companies become a stronger HR brand by providing encompassing benefit solutions and engaging with the workforce.

Retaining talent

85% of employers struggle to retain employees, what is the solution? The answer is in employee benefits; More attractive features. Such as adding investment savings plans that ensure the employee's financial stability.

Reward loyalty
and performance

Smart vesting allows corporates to quantify the value of employee loyalty and increase KPI achievements to become more efficient employers.

Transform the workforce

Participate in Vision 2030 while helping the workforce gain financial literacy and support our community to lead the way towards a smarter workforce globally.

Employee benefits redesigned

Automate employee onboarding

Mass import or direct integration

Grouping of employees

Build organizational hierarchies

Customized company objectives

Create vesting rules, contribution
schedules and more

Integrate for further automation

Making decision-making quicker with integration

Understand the employee behavior

Smarter decision-making with
in-depth reports and analytics

Don’t wait for tomorrow…

The future starts today!

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