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Applying is becoming easier than ever by just filling out our application form online, Uploading your documents, and being ready to go.

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We have a team of trained professionals ready to support you at every step of the way. Whether it is through a demo or for your Dedicated Account Manager to walk you through your onboarding session.

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Your dedicated account manager will be at your side to go through the login, set up and even portfolio selection steps, all our portfolios are professionally managed. Why not check out what that means and what you can expect.

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Employee enrolment has never been this easy, with our CSV upload function employers can onboard up to 20,000 employees simultaneously. As soon as they are validated by your authorized person, their accounts are active.

Group Employees

To make managing employees easier, we developed a grouping feature that helps employers manage company hierarchy easier. Feel free to choose different investment choices for senior groups or maybe equity matching for C-Levels. Contributions can be as straightforward or exciting as you like.

Create Contribution Requests

Once the employees are all set and onboarded just upload a monthly sheet of what the employee deduction and the employer match are. It's up to your policy of course and can be automated based on employee salaries or done manually.

Vesting schedules

Vesting period
1 year
10 years

Employer Matching

Employer matching refers to the amount the employers are ready to contribute to the saving plan on the behalf of the employee.

Invest your End of Service Benefits

Working Capital planning

Funding End of service benefits regularly reduces the cost burden during times of turnover or tight Cash flow periods.

Security in planning

Providing security to employees that end-of-service benefits are guaranteed.

Cost saving

Use Investment return to reduce the payable amount of end-of-service benefits.


Enabling a culture of transparency for employees in an effort to build a stronger HR brand and encourage employee retention.

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How to make the most out of contributions

Employee benefits should not be difficult, find out more about how to make the most out of your plan by checking out our media center.